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We do, and we'll pay you to recycle it.

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We know,
it looks a bit gross. 

But, dental scrap contains precious metals.

Many dentists aren't aware, and end up sending valuable and recyclable dental scrap straight to landfill, or holding onto it for years without knowing what to do with it. 

When you refine your scrap, you get paid for the presence of four precious metals. You also help the environment by diverting those metals from landfill, allowing them to recycled in the production of new metal-based products.


Do you or your practice...

  • Throw your dental scrap out alongside other dental waste?

  • Accept small, in-office, cash payments for your dental scrap?

  • Save your scrap, but aren't sure what to do with it?

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You deserve to get the true value of your dental scrap

Get paid according to the spot market price for the precious metals in your dental scrap.

Stop accepting lowball payments from cash buyers and get the highest price for your dental scrap.

Divert your scrap from landfill, help it be recycled into new products, and help the environment.


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Save your dental scrap in our collection container

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Contact us for an easy pick up

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Your scrap is smelted and refined in Australia

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The value is deposited into your account


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Meticulous Refining Process

We only value scrap through a melt and assay process. This means you get paid on the spot market price of the metals in your scrap

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Customer First Approach

A desire to get the best results for our customers drives what we do at Goldsmith Refining. 

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Australian Owned and Refined

We're proudly Australian-owned and operated, ensuring that our refining process contributes to our local economy.

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High and Accurate Payments

Our processes mean that you get true visibility on the value of your scrap. You get the highest payment, and the one you deserve. 

"Maddy from Goldsmith Refining truly understands our needs. Always competitive, on time and reliable."

Matt Race at Race Dental, NSW

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