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  • How is my scrap valued?
    Goldsmith Refining values dental scrap through a melt and assay process. This means your dental scrap is heated to remove any waste and isolate precious metals. Following this, the purity and mass of four precious metals; Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium are identified. What you earn for your scrap is based on the current spot market price per gram for each of these metals.
  • I currently receive cash in office for my dental scrap, why is Goldsmith Refining better?
    Cash buyers may come into your practice and offer to pay you cash on the spot for your dental scrap. They often use a scale and/or eyeball valuing to determine how much to pay you. Weight alone cannot account for the percentage or purity of the different metals in your scrap. Ultimately, cash buyers undervalue your scrap and pay you a worse price. At Goldsmith Refining, the value of your scrap is calculated by a refining process that melts your scrap and analyses the precious metals contained within, ensuring you get the highest and fairest payment, every time. To start recycling your scrap with Goldsmith Refining or more information, contact us below!
  • What exactly should I put in my Collection Container to recycle my dental scrap?
    Your Collection Container should be used to collect anything with precious metals attached. Please do not include mercury, amalgam, sharps, partials, X-Ray film, or liquids as we are unable to collect these items. If you have any questions feel free to reach out and we will be happy to help!
  • What are the environmental benefits of recycling dental scrap?
    Recycling dental scrap has many environmental benefits. When you refine your scrap, the metal gets turned into new metal items like coins and is diverted from landfill heaps across the world. Recycling precious metals also reduces demand stress on finite resources. By giving your scrap a second life, you are supporting a more sustainable and circular economy.
  • Can I post you my dental scrap?
    Yes! If you are unable to arrange an in-person pick-up, you can post us your scrap and be reimbursed for the cost. In some locations, we have a complimentary TOLL courier option available.
  • Do you provide proof of service?
    If you require an invoice let us know at any point and we will be happy to send you one.
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